TimeKeeper Version 3.x is freeware, may and shall be copied and distributed by anyone. Altering of the program in any way is prohibited. Copyrights on TimeKeeper are held by the Author - Hermann Matthes - unless that Copyrights of a third party are referenced somewhere. Without written permission by the author it is prohibited to use the authors components elsewhere. Components of third parties have their own regulations.

Sale / Renting

Sale and renting of TimeKeeper is permitted in no way.


The program was implemented to the best of my knowledge, contains no malicious functions and doesn't send data in a stealthy way. Nevertheless the author will not answer for a damage the program may produce. You use TimeKeeper on your own authority.

The author doesn't guarantee quality, performance, marketability or fitness of the software for a special purpose. This also applies for the appendant documentation. Nor can the author guarantee a failure-free operation or the fixing of eventually occuring errors.


For the first 30 days the software can be tested without restriction and without having a license key. After this deadline a registration is required which results in a license key you will receive by E-mail free of charge.

Used Komponents

TimeKeeper for itself uses the Netbeans Platform and the folowing libraries:

Their licensing conditions you can read if you follow the corresponding link.

Should I violate a right by making TimeKeeper available free of charge, please send me a message using the contact link in the upper right corner of this page. After verification of your advice I will then remove the possibility to download TimeKeeper.